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Smoking Sky

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment

The sky is almost red, and its drizzling yet again. Add to this a terrace breeze, GnR, a mug of coffee @3 am and we will get what life is all about 🙂




August 26, 2009 2 comments

Just wondering, what it will be like if I:me:myself someone totally lost his memory (I have utkarsh in my mind, and thus the ‘his’). Will he be the same person as before or a new person altogether ?

The fundamental question being, are we defined by our past experiences, or by our moment-to-moment existence. Is it that we use our past experiences to filter and interpret our current existence, and thus are defined by our past? Or, is it that we constantly re-evaluate our view of the past based on our current experiences, thus making it a two-way street.

As tempted as I am to move into the discussion of no-absolute-reality-individual-perspective excuse of mine, I think that its the latter which is the truth. A new set of experiences will give way to a new framework (still in technical training) and a new person.

Though philosophy apart and personally speaking, this will be a freaking awesome situation, as now he will be experiencing his past second hand, filtered through his near and dear ones (read ‘me’ in utkarsh‘s case). A little convincing and a lot of planning, is all I will require to make him an underwear-ninja of sorts 🙂

Totally hooked onto Questionable Content. Do pay a visit.

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Hazaron Khwahishein ‘K’aisi

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Hazaron Khwahishein aisi ki har khwahish pe dum Nikle…..

…. thousands of desires..each worth dying for…..
Undoubtedly , one of the best thoughts I have been coming across lately. Left me in a state of remorse, a gripping fear. Each and every word exudes passion.Something which drives you and distinguishes u from the living crowd. As much as I may wish to like the quote, this fact can’t be denied that I hold no right to claim any relation what so ever to this.

Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi….
The qualitative aspect :). There are only denumerable wishes I can even think of in relation to me. Yeah I aspire to be happy, rich, I want to be my best blah blah blah… But a vision.. a plan .. an aim is missing.

Ki har Khwahish pe dum nikle…
Can be interpreted in two ways, both fill me with regret or should I say an incomprehensible pondering.
1. The intensity with which I want this wish to get fulfilled.
2. The effort I am putting in to make each dream come true

I have short term goals, and I work for them. But I ain’t putting even 20% of the effort I am capable of. I say I am the best because of the potential I “can” deliver. I can, still I can’t . Helpless, hapless or just a lazy bonehead.

Just hoping, the uneasiness will continue long enough to wake me up from the dormant state I am in.

(Written about an year back. Somehow wordpress messed up the date)

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