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The economics of Jesus

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

Thanks to CFA overdose, have been hypersensitive about economics and the implications. The obvious start was to re-read Freakonomics in an attempt to have an enlightened understanding :P. The first time I read it, it was more from a discussion and amazement point of view than otherwise.

Super-freakonomics released sometime back raises some interesting questions again..  can’t say I am much impressed by it. Though, one interesting point was when the authors were questioned by an Indian journalist as to how they will explain the actions of Jesus. What were the “incentives” when Jesus went on “cross” ?

Here is an interesting blogspot answering / commenting on the very same thing.

Without any personal opinion, I will like to to bring this to debate :).
At the same I wonder, if such an article/book would have been allowed to publish in India, the land of tolerances as Amartya Sen puts it. The fanaticism is indeed taking the “argumentative” out of The Argumentative Indian. Much on this later.

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Read-a-thon : Check !

October 25, 2009 10 comments

I didn’t sleep, I read, I conquered !

I am done… had a wonderful time… very impressed with the organization of the event (Kudos to  Hannah (WordLily), Ana (Nymeth), and Trish (Hey Lady!) ).. and most of all..very impressed with myself :)..

For more info on the event, visit Dewey’s Read-a-thon

Final Statistics

Time Duration: 5:30 PM yesterday – 5:15 PM today (signing off 15 mins earlier)

Title of Books read: Liar’s Poker, Shantaram, Chances of a Lifetime, Bobby Fischer goes to war, Hellen Keller: Story of my life

Number of Books since I started: 5 (Completed : 3.. Chances of a lifetime, liar’s poker and shantaram)

Pages read since last update: 311

Running total of pages: 1640 (1329 + 311)

Amount of time spent reading since last update: 170 minutes (:P)

Total Running time: 1261 minutes (21 hours 1 minute)

Mini-challenges: 19

I did complete an unsaid aim I had set for myself.. finished off 3 books and read two books partially…

I will love to return next time with a bigger pile of books, in a relatively less finer print to add more to the book count :)..  Jokes apart, hats off to everyone who helped in making this event such a huge success…


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Mini-Challenge- again

October 25, 2009 13 comments

@Mini Challenge: Feedme Soymers:

Book: Liars Poker
Author: Michael Lewis

“Mortgage traders were mean gluttons. Nothing angered them more than being without food, unless it was being interrupted while they ate. They would holler at Matty: “Hey geek! how about some food”.. Matty quickly filled as many plastic trays as he could carry with fries, burgers, coke, candy and a couple of dozen chocolate-chip cookies. Then he sneaked past the guard without paying !!………….. Got a call.. we are from SEC and investigating a food theft at Salomon Brothers last week”

1 2

@Mini Challenge: Collections

Apart from books, I am pretty fond of greeting cards

Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

@Mini Challenge: Re-reading

What book or books do you return to read again and again and why?

Now if I think about it, the book can either be ‘The last lecture’ or ‘Shantaram’. These are the books where-in you know what to expect and still savor the whole journey.

@Mini Challenge: Webcomic

What a fun challenge.. brings back many good memories though.. I have been an ardent fan of ‘xkcd‘ and ‘abstrusegoose‘. These two in particular, maybe, because they cater to my geeky needs :P.. I then started following ‘Questionable Content’ and simply loved it. I infact started my own draft of a webcomic inspired by the flawless artwork in QC.. shelved it due to time and resource constraints though…

@Mini Challenge: Children books

Alice in Wonderland
Jungle Book
The Pokey Little Puppy
The adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Oscar Otter


@Mini Challenge: Picturiffic

I am reading Chances of a lifetime-Warren Christopher

@Mini Challenge: Take a break

This is how I will end up looking at the end :)

This is how I will end up looking at the end 🙂

Reason: committment :)

Reason:committment 🙂 the only source of light being my cell phone

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Michael Moore yet again

October 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Saw Capitalism: A love story recently.. yet another documentary from the self-proclaimed ‘liberal’ and famous documentary film-maker Michael Moore. The documentary focuses on the transition between the two governments with the recent financial massacre being the backdrop.  Moore pitches for an active public involvement and rests the success of Obama more on what people will do to support him. The timing, just as Fahrenheit 9/11, is pretty impeccable with Obama steadily setting his feet down.

For me, it all started with Bowling for Columbine. We were shown this movie as a part of “Science and humanism” course back at IIT. The movie, though not spectacular did introduce me to Moore. I liked his direction.. raw and very straight-forward in conveying what he wants to even if most of it is fabricated.  Then followed Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko both of which are spectacular movies.

Coming back to Capitalism: A love story, I personally found the movie a bit less focussed than Sicko or Bowling for Columbine. Maybe because the subject was  a bit abstract but it was fun and might invite some sharp criticism its way. The fact that of all the firms, Moore chose Goldman Sachs to rip apart, inspite of the fact that they are one of the very few firms who have actually paid-back the bailout money(Here), surely won’t go down well with the critics.

I must admit though, that in the earlier movies, many things might have been setup and tweaked to fit in the context. Fahrenheit 9/11  had a substantial part specially emphasizing how politicians and leaders send their kin-members to the war.. and you do not have to be a rocket-scientist to see the statistical fallacy in the claim. The recent years have seen the emergence of a relatively small cottage industry: filmmakers looking to take on the 55-year-old Mr. Moore at his own game. This is one of the many articles echoing their sentiments.

Anyways, no one kicks a dead dog, and though invariably pregnant with controversial claims and fallacies, I believe Moore does infact brings to forefront the most pertinent questions, albeit in a cruel way !

Waiting eagerly for some detailed reviews about Capitalism: A Love Story !


October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the best articles I have come across lately.. I wish they had mentioned the author more explicitly, not that it makes much difference.

A letter from GenX to Gandhiji

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Life as we see it !

August 13, 2009 Leave a comment

The following is the link to the speech given by Chetan Bhagat @ Symbiosis Pune.

Speech Content

This is clearly not the most motivational piece of speech that I have read in recent times, and it surely is clíche-d. But, it just brings to my mind, how the biggest secrets and answers of life lie in the simplest of things. Its like going through 300+ pages of some self-proclaimed-motivational-document just to find the one line that fulfills the purpose of reading it.

Rephrasing the tagline of this blog (Same old shit, different incarnation), each of such speeches (ranging from Chetan Bhagat to Aristotle..ahoy Science and Technology course) border on the same notions, be it “love thyself more than anyone else” or “seeking enjoyment in the process rather than the end result.

This reminds me of my discussion with a couple of my friends. The first, expectedly, being a vehement supporter of Ayn Rand, and one of the nicest beings I have met. The other with one of my flatmates, when we were discussing the fate of the earth if we almost-reach the doomsday(with 100% certainty). The world(and so were our views) will oscillate between pure bliss, since everyone will actually put an effort to enjoy his life (Pay attention to the 100% certainty) and pure chaos since everyone will wish to enjoy and thus no one will be able to.

How i wonder if these are different perspectives or just different ways of life.

Before i forget, This is what 4 days of technical training can do to you.

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