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I do not think anyone can even minusculy challenge the hypothesis that our parents have been the biggest rockstars of our life. And that’s why I do not want to establish how much we all owe to our parents, but rather the importance of this act – more like an open (private) letter to parents.

This is especially important given the sharp generational shift we have seen with joint families giving way to nuclear families – which may beg the question of what’s the ROI for all the hardwork done by our parents. I wonder, if our parents, actually think about it. I think they do. And they should. Everyone should. This question is important, not only as a reminiscence tool for them, but also for us youngsters as we map out the next 30 years of our life and which leg of this optimization equation (in simple words – life), should we place more weight on.

And while the conclusion will vary significantly across times and spaces, I believe they contribute more to the society than they give themselves credit for. Most of us, start off with massive goals in our lives – on how we will change the world, and in a typical probabilistic fashion – many of us fall short of that. Not short of doing well in the life, but short of bringing a holistic change. But, what we do not take into account is that the studness of our professional life/personal life is determined in a large part also by how we have raised the next generation. And, how much will they achieve in life. There has to be a kickback to the generation above – for the goods and the bads.

The quantum of opportunities given to me, my friends and my wife is way different and way vast from what our respective parents had. Which means, we are one step closer to doing, what should be done. The output will vary and is yet to be seen. Maybe we will do something that extends beyond our immediate lives, or we will kick the can down the road again. But, the point is that our parents have done their job. Something that they should be proud of and should take a lot of credit for. Not all of us can be the Elon Musks’ or the Tesla’s, or the Raghuram Rajan’s of the world, but some of us will be. And it is for this small set – that the act of child-raising and investing in the next generation (at a personal sacrifice) becomes important. And it is for this importance, that our parents should feel massively proud of what they have been able to achieve in their lives.

Yes – some of them have been left back. Yes – many of them will not even be able to see how much the next generation has achieved. But – they have all achieved something which we all (including their younger selves) aim to – going one step closer to making the world a better place – for our family and hopefully, for the rest too.


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