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Whatever doesn’t kill you…

OK – So the advent of Winter has ironically put an end to my hibernation. The inactivity, though not something to be proud of, has definitely helped. The absence of something is enough to make you iterate its importance, and it seems like thats exactly what has happened here. But anyways, coming to the main topic, I had been looking out for a job for the past few months – something which is almost a requisite to complete your banking experience these years. And boy, did I end my banking virginity with style. So, while there will be a follow-up blog on this, I think its important to line up my key learning items from this

  1. Be clear about what you want. Get your priorities clear. Stick to it.
    Oh man – is this important. It helps. Definitely helps.
  2. Persistence is your biggest tool
    This is true not only on a micro level, which is on a per application level – but even the larger picture, governing the kind of opportunities you pursue
  3. Remember what brought you here; Keep up that confidence
  4. Help comes from unexpected sources
  5. The most expected support functions will bust off
  6. Keep individual conversion probabilities low; macro probability high
  7. Friends and personal support is important; Will surprise you positively
  8. Use this time creatively, follow your passions and network
  9. Mood swings are common
  10. Things work out.

Its quite unfortunate that my case has not been a role model on many of these parameters, but that does not take away the lessons I have learnt from this.

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