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The rise of Feminism

Life changes,  and keep putting things in perspective, sadly almost always different.

Things change. Even more so over the generations. I have seen romantic relationships all around me, and have been fortunate enough to be involved, both actively and passively, in the much unfortunate conclusions. It has made me wonder, whether the rise of feminism and the subsequent female prominence has led to the demise of the fairy tale love stories, or should I say has redefined the meaning of love.

People get into relationships. Very happy. Both find the relationship extremely successful and sprinkled with all the cupid lovey-dovey signs. Yes, it is a typical fairy tale story. However, the end is not so the same. Soon, and almost invariably, there lies a twist in the tale, a choice.  A choice between circumstances and the feelings. Based on my rather immature observations of this world, rarely do the feelings overpower the circumstances. And, almost always, its the fairer sex in conflict. My statistical sample set can obviously be flawed, but the more I move towards successful aware women, the more I have found this trend to be true.

I, justifiably, am not in the position to pass any judgement over the actual reasons behind this nor do I want to. It can be that highest levels of satisfaction need to be granted to each, can be the skewed gender ratio, or any of the incomprehensible forces at work. The redefinition has however added a materialistic and yet mature outlook to the way the relationships are viewed. The families play an equally important role, and so does the status. The feelings play a role, but then its no longer indispensable. Makes sense too. Feelings can grow over time, but bank balance or status wont overnight :). Jokes apart, the change has been radical and theoretically extremely interesting. A sociologist friend of mine is hoping to explore this further, as a part of his research.

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