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The economics of Jesus

Thanks to CFA overdose, have been hypersensitive about economics and the implications. The obvious start was to re-read Freakonomics in an attempt to have an enlightened understanding :P. The first time I read it, it was more from a discussion and amazement point of view than otherwise.

Super-freakonomics released sometime back raises some interesting questions again..  can’t say I am much impressed by it. Though, one interesting point was when the authors were questioned by an Indian journalist as to how they will explain the actions of Jesus. What were the “incentives” when Jesus went on “cross” ?

Here is an interesting blogspot answering / commenting on the very same thing.

Without any personal opinion, I will like to to bring this to debate :).
At the same I wonder, if such an article/book would have been allowed to publish in India, the land of tolerances as Amartya Sen puts it. The fanaticism is indeed taking the “argumentative” out of The Argumentative Indian. Much on this later.

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