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Life as we see it !

The following is the link to the speech given by Chetan Bhagat @ Symbiosis Pune.

Speech Content

This is clearly not the most motivational piece of speech that I have read in recent times, and it surely is clíche-d. But, it just brings to my mind, how the biggest secrets and answers of life lie in the simplest of things. Its like going through 300+ pages of some self-proclaimed-motivational-document just to find the one line that fulfills the purpose of reading it.

Rephrasing the tagline of this blog (Same old shit, different incarnation), each of such speeches (ranging from Chetan Bhagat to Aristotle..ahoy Science and Technology course) border on the same notions, be it “love thyself more than anyone else” or “seeking enjoyment in the process rather than the end result.

This reminds me of my discussion with a couple of my friends. The first, expectedly, being a vehement supporter of Ayn Rand, and one of the nicest beings I have met. The other with one of my flatmates, when we were discussing the fate of the earth if we almost-reach the doomsday(with 100% certainty). The world(and so were our views) will oscillate between pure bliss, since everyone will actually put an effort to enjoy his life (Pay attention to the 100% certainty) and pure chaos since everyone will wish to enjoy and thus no one will be able to.

How i wonder if these are different perspectives or just different ways of life.

Before i forget, This is what 4 days of technical training can do to you.

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